Electronics Workshop #2

11th October 2017 Workshops 0 Comments

A taster of what electronics is like, for beginners, open to everyone!

Location & Time: Rankine 709 Lab, Wend. 18th October, 10:00-13:00

The main theme of this workshop will be:

Finish soldering the LED display and light sensor or learn how to, if this is your first electronics workshop.

Learn how to use some of the lab equipment for testing and troubleshooting (bench power supply, multimeter).
This is will be really useful for your project or teamwork, because you can save a lot of time by knowing how to look what is causing problems in your circuits.

If you have time, you can also play around with the stuff you’ve soldered and control it with an Arduino microprocessor. We have a few of these so you don’t need to bring one. There is a sample code already here on Basecamp.

New members can also sign up for memberships during the workshop.

We are all eager to meet you!
GURS team.