Robotics Expo

7th September 2017 Events 0 Comments

When? Thursday 14/09/2017 17:00-20:00
Where? Boyd Orr Lecture Theatre D

Freshers Week is nearly there and with freshers week the time to introduce ourselves.
We would like to welcome everyone, freshers, people returning into another year of study, most of all anyone who is interested in Robotics to attend this event! It does not matter whether your academic background is related to Robotics, curiosity and the willingness to discover new things is most important! We would therefore welcome you on Thursday, the 15th of September to a welcome session which will start with a small introduction about the essence of our Society and blend into an exposition of robots. You will be able to walk around, get an idea of what the society is about and purchase a membership.

We’d love to see you!
GURS team.