Team/Robot name:

Team: R2-T2
Robot: Greg



A fully autonomous robot which moves, picks up cylinders via a belt intake system and placing them into another location. This robot is designed to compete in Eurobot 2017 “Moon Villiage”.



  • General:Dimensions: 300x240mm(335×240 with the protruding intake system), 1100 mm perimeter.
  • Electrical:PSU distributing power from a Lipo battery to the rest of the circuitry.
    2x Dual H-Bridge for motor control with encoders.
    Solenoid control circuitry for ‘rocket’ launching.
    Multiple IR sensors around robot for obstacle avoidance system.
    Pozyx positioning system and compass for localisation.
    Arduino DUE is used as a main MCU for control.
  • Mechanical:Chassis is constructed using aluminium and plastic, for actuation solenoids, motors with belt drives and pulley system are used.
  • Software:Arduino IDE is was used for development fused with Pozyx beacon systems.



The Eurobot 2017 theme is “Moon Villiage” for which this robot has been designed.
Each year the Eurobot challenge is themed. In previous years, we have had Beach Robots, Movie robots, Prehistoric robots, Football robots, Party robots, and Chess robots.
This year It’s time were blasting off into outer space!


Team members:

Alexandre Cohen, Amy Frame, Anton Murros, Mohammed Giga, Tom Whitehouse, Matthew Giles Wood, Alistair Miles, Steven Gass, Mikulas Cebecauer






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