Underwater Area Mapping System


Our project aim is, to create a sensor package that can be used to map underwater areas, such as inaccessible parts of limestone caves. By designing this product we hope to create a low cost solution for underwater exploration. The system utilises sonar sensors to acquire distance readings from the environment. Pressure sensors and accelerometers then provide additional information so the data can be turned into a three dimensional map of the surroundings. Given the amount of data that needs to be processed we plan to include internal memory for the device. The package also contains LEDs as a mean of immediate feedback, in the form of a proximity alarm system. This device could later be modified to serve as the navigation subsystem of autonomous submersible devices. We expect that making a system that preforms reliably underwater will prove to be the biggest challenge of this project.


Daniel Gerlei, Henrikas Elsbergas, Martin Cusack, Lukas Zitinskas and Karolis Borodicas

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