Ivan Lazarov

President of GURS

I am final year BEng Mechatronics student. I am passionate about building mechanical and electrical gadgets. I am experienced in CAD modelling, analysis and rendering. I pay great attention to all details of my work and I cannot rest until everything is perfectly complete, aesthetic and coherent. I have experience as front end web developer and graphics designer. Recently I founded my own company “Case Spectrum”, which designs and manufactures custom computer chassis from PMMA and aluminium. Currently I am working on my final year project in Mechatronics which is a portable Braile translator, aimed to provide an interactive tool for reading written text by blind and visually impaired people. Last year as part of GURS I was involved with Team Alpha and we developed a Multimeasurement Device which was awarded with second prize at MMU Embedded System Design Contest 2014-15. Prior to my involvement in GURS I have been part of UGRacing Powertrain and Electronics team and I have participated in Formula Student UK twice. I am an explorer – eager to understand the meaning of life, the beggining of the universe, interstellar travelling and what is the next step in mankind evolution in which I will make a difference.