Workshop 2016 #2 – Programming for Beginners

10th October 2016 Workshops 0 Comments

Programming 1
Come to our second workshop aimed at basic programming on Thursday 13th of October 2016 at 17:00 -19:00 in the Adam Smith Building 1115. Make sure to bring your laptops if you can, so you can get started on the spot. There will be a short presentation about the basics of programming be held by Dimitar Borisov. Practice and repetition is how you get comfortable with coding, so there is going to be an interactive part afterwards. Again, if you bring your laptop, you can start doing some exercises with our help. Don’t worry about the software just yet, a browser will do just fine. These workshops will also be useful for your projects, if you are competing.

BYOF – Feel free to bring your friends along if they are also interested! :)

If you don’t know where the venue is, here is how to find it: